Artist Statement

From a modest background and through two careers, one in printing the other computing, I needed to explore my creativity. In order to grow upon a solid foundation I am about to begin my Graduation year studying Photography BA (Hons) at the University of Plymouth. I use a FX digital camera mostly but also a 645 film camera to record my complex and sometimes controversial journey of self-discovery…

As someone with higher functional autism, I do not always see what others see when viewing the same object. It is challenging for me to understand the work of other photographers’ styles and some of my work is equally challenging for them to understand. My view of the world, my interpretation of it and its many constantly evolving facets are often their own dichotomy. I present and represent my version of ‘the everyday.’ If my work push boundaries, if my work is unconventional, that is fine because my work presents how and what I see. If but one person can connect with just one of my images, then I am successful. My approach to image-making is simplicity, sincerity and substance.

I make photographs because I find written or spoken language is unable to convey what I my eye sees and my mind suggests that I see. Photographs are my primary channel of self-expression; how I communicate my reality. I do not have a ‘style’ of photography as such, rather I aim to inject tensions, juxtapositions, beauty, sublime and so forth, through careful composition and lighting. If my work gives a single soul a place or space to ‘just be,’ no greater compliment could I receive.

It is the process by which I am able to explore the world around me; my experiences of pain and pleasure, inquiry and inspiration. It is the very air and space around me that inspires my photography and my photographs tell the stories. The fascinating medium of photographs allows the viewer to depict their own stories through them; what do you see..?

Space, outside ourselves, invades and ravishes things:

If you want to achieve the existence of a tree,

Invest it with inner space, this space

That has its being in you. Surround it with compulsions,

It knows no bounds, and only really becomes a tree

If it takes its place in the heart of your renunciation. (Rilke)